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Mike Fitzharris

Mike Fitzharris is an abstract Irish artist who specialises in landscapes and has had exhibitions around the globe in Canada, France, Slovenia, Wales, Belgium, Ireland and England. He was born in Limerick in 1952 going on to graduate from the Limerick School of Art (1973), and study a post-graduate at the Hochschule für Bilden Kunst in Berlin (1973-1976). Fitzharris’ work centres on landscapes which he paints from scenes in both Ireland and Spain.

His solo exhibitions have been held in the Oriel Gallery, Galerie Alexander in Paris, Dublin Port Centre and Jorgensen Fine Art in Dublin. He has received a number of awards for his work including the Taylor De Vere Award at the RHA (1990), the Arts Council Award (1996), Eigse Open Exhibition Award (1997, 2003) and the Royal Ulster Academy Award (1999). 

Mike Fitzharris - Auction results

There have been 3 artwork(s) sold in previous auctions
  • Lot 106 by Mike Fitzharris at Ross's Auctions
    Lot 106 Sale Date: 28 January 2009
    Result: £1,300
  • ABSTRACT COMPOSITION by Mike Fitzharris at Ross's Auctions
    ABSTRACT COMPOSITION Sale Date: 05 June 2014 Medium: Mixed Media Size: H 20" x W 24"
    Result: £360
  • AUTUMN FIELD by Mike Fitzharris at Ross's Auctions
    AUTUMN FIELD Sale Date: 25 January 2018 Medium: Oil on Board Size: H 8" x W 12"
    Result: £350