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Michael Gemmell

Born 1950 in Coleraine, Michael Gemmell specialised in a variety of areas, such as stained glass and interior design, before retiring to paint full time. He left school at age 14 to work as a studio assistant in Dublin during which his boss put him through night classes at Kildare Street College of Art due to his appreciation of Gemmell’s artistic talent.
He also joined the Dublin Camera Club and attended a Window Display course before studying at the College of Art in Limerick.

After working for several years in interior design he decided to focus on painting full time.

Michael Gemmell - Auction results

There have been 4 artwork(s) sold in previous auctions
  • FLOATING ISLAND by Michael Gemmell at Ross's Auctions
    FLOATING ISLAND Sale Date: 12 September 2019 Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: H 36" x W 36"
    Result: £1,200
  • Lot 47 by Michael Gemmell at Ross's Auctions
    Lot 47 Sale Date: 03 December 2008
    Result: £480
  • AUTUMN FIELDS by Michael Gemmell at Ross's Auctions
    AUTUMN FIELDS Sale Date: 04 December 2014 Medium: Oil on Paper Size: H 8" x W 8"
    Result: £200
  • SEATED NUDE by Michael Gemmell at Ross's Auctions
    SEATED NUDE Sale Date: 10 September 2014 Medium: Pastel on Paper Size: H 10" x W 8"
    Result: £50