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Markey Robinson Markey Robinson was a landscape, figure painter and sculpture. He was born in Belfast and studied at Perth Street Elementary School before attending Belfast College of Art. He learnt much of his artistic skill from his grandfather, Thomas Robinson, who was a painter and decorator.

At the Ulster Academy of Arts exhibition in 1942, three of his paintings were included. He was then represented at the Ulster Academy exhibition in 1944, in the Irish Exhibition of Living Art. His work continued to travel, showing paintings in the Mansard Gallery (London) the CEMA Gallery and Gray’s Gallery (both Belfast), and at the Contemporary Ulster Paintings exhibition in Edinburgh.

Returning from a working trip in Spain in 1969, Robinson discovered a fire had destroyed his Belfast studio. He returned to Spain for a year before settling in Dublin. The Irish Independent described his stay in Dublin: ‘For years before he returned to his native Belfast, Markey lived and worked in a room above the Oriel Gallery, and daily wandered around Dublin dressed like a tramp, searching skips and rubbish tips for boards and paper on which he could paint.’

Exhibitions of Robinson’s work continued at the Bell Gallery and Oriel Gallery, also at the Eleves Gallery in Paris and Redfern Gallery in London. During the 1980s, his solo exhibitions continued in the Farins Gallery (Washington D.C.), the Peel Gallery (Montreal), Galerie Weber (Geneva), George Gallery (Dublin), and Emer Gallery (Belfast).

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