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Edin Alijagic was born on April 19th 1951 in Trebinje, a picturesque town situated on the southernmost border of Bosnia. The town's most famous landmark is the Arslanagica bridge, a 16th century masterpiece from the Ottoman Empire and one of Edins earliest inspirations, as he crossed over it daily. 
Edins love of art was inspired by his uncle yet it was obvious from a young age that Edin had natural talent and he was mostly self taught taking his inspiration from the villages and countryside around him. 
As an adult Edin worked as a truck driver but continued to paint in oils, water colours and Pointillism (a technique of painting in which small distinct dots are applied in patterns to form images).
In 1990 the shy Edin was encouraged by his wife Jasmina and his family and friends to exhibit his collection of work. The exhibition was so successful that Edin quit his driving job and became a professional painter. His wonderful depiction of Bosnian landscapes were much sought after. 
In April of 1992 Bosnia Herzegovina was plunged into a war againt Serbia and Edin was recruited into the Bosnian army. After a year of bitter fighting, with heavy casualties on both sides, Edin was captured by the Serbians and imprisoned in a concentration camp just outside Mostar city for 6 months. The brutal incarceration took a severe toll on his mental and physical health. At this time Edins beloved wife Jasmina and his two teenage children were thrown onto the streets with just the clothes on their back while their beautiful home in Stolac town was ransacked by the invading army. Jasmina, believing her husband to be dead, fled to Mostar city on foot with the children where they had to beg for food daily just to survive. 
Unknown to each of them, as they both lived in misery and despair, the other was just on the opposite bank of the Neretva River. 
In 1993 the Red Cross liberated the concentration camp and Edo crossed the iconic Stari Most bridge into Mostar city and then began the arduous 40 km journey on foot back to Stolac Town to try to find his family. What he found was his house in ruins and the surrounding village deserted. Now broken, both emotionally and physically, and believing that his family had perished, Edin set off again on foot back to the city of Mostar. After several days on the road he was recognised by an old neighbour from Stolac who told him that his wife and children were still alive and living in Mostar. The reunion of the whole family was emotional to say the least. His wife Jasmina gives him a kiss every day to make sure it is not a dream that they found each other again.
From 1993 to 1999 the sale of Edins sensitive paintings of destroyed Bosnian landmarks, many done from memory, was the only income the family had. 
In July 1999 the displaced family were given the opportunity to come to Ireland and they settled in North West Dublin where Edin has continued to paint. Gone for now are the artistic tributes to his life in Bosnia as he embraces his new Irish citizenship and he has fallen in love with the rugged landscape of the West of Ireland and has been inspired by great Irish artists.
 It is here in Ireland that his family have begun to heal their pain. He has lost so much but Edins art has been the one constant in his life. 
He has been painting for over 55years, the last 20 in Ireland. His art has saved him during dark days and is a remarkable testament to his unconquerable spirit.
No one has really seen his work or had an opportunity to buy them in all those years as he has not exhibited ....until now.

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