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Anne Primrose  Jury HRUA

Anne Primrose Jury was an animal, flower and landscape painter born in Co. Antrim. Her father encouraged her career as he was a watercolourist and so she went on to study at the Belfast School of Art and then in England, France and Switzerland.

Anne exhibited her work for the first time in the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1929. The first piece of work she sold was at the RHA. Most of her landscapes appeared to be of Co Antrim and Co Down. She was appointed an associate of the Ulster Academy of Arts in 1933; forty years later in 1976 she became an academician.

In 1936, Jury began to receive an increased appreciation for her flower paintings. The Belfast News Letter said, ‘Miss Jury’s paintings of flowers are on as high a plane as one will find in Irish art to-day.’ Jury worked all of her life for the Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals which is where she was inspired to paint donkeys. She died in hospital in 1995 and so a sale of her works took place in her studio later on that year which in turn aided the USPCA immensely. 

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