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Bernard De Hoog

Bernard de Hoog (1867-1943) was a Dutch painter who was born in Amsterdam and felt heavily influenced by The Hague School. Though at first his request to study art was refused, encouragement from a merchant whose employment he was under saw him being set to the Quellinus School in Amsterdam under J.F Hulk and J.C. Van Essen.
He gained a subsidy from the Dutch Queen and spent a number of years painting interiors, at which time he become a recognised artist and began earning money through commissions. His later work focused on rural scenes and buildings and he exhibited at many provincial and National galleries. 

Bernard De Hoog - Auction results

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  • MOTHERLY CARE by Bernard De Hoog at Ross's Auctions
    MOTHERLY CARE Sale Date: 26 February 2015 Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: H 20" x W 16"
    Result: £1,600